Are your items hand made?
The answer is yes. Every item from Archetype Leather is made by me, one at a time in my Chicago workshop.

Do you take custom orders?
Definitely! I love custom projects and will work with you to create whatever you have in mind. Shoot me an email at info@archetype to get things started!

How long do custom orders take?
Typically, custom work takes 2-3 weeks to complete once a design is approved. This can take longer depending on the detail and type of project.

How do I measure myself for a belt?
It is important that you not use your pant or waist size when ordering belts. In order to get a proper measurement lay your current belt flat and measure at the fold, or where the buckle meets the leather, to the hole that you currently use. That is the size belt you need to order. If it is an odd number, round up to the next even number.

What if I my size is not available?
This is treated as a custom order. Just send me an email at info@archetype and I will take care of you!

What kind of Leathers do you use?
I only use the highest quality domestic leathers available. These come from either Horween in Chicago or Hermann Oak in St. Louis—two of America's last remaining tanneries.

How do I care for my leather goods?
Archetype's leather's age beautifully over time, and little care is needed. If you would like to condition your Vegetable Tanned or Bridle leathers to re-hydrate it or to jump-start the darkening and softening process, we recommend pure neatsfoot oil—a little goes a long way. For Chromexcel leather products, we recommend simply rubbing the leather with a soft cloth or rag to bring out its sheen and to diminish any small scuffs that develop. Chromexcel may exhibit a waxy finish after sitting in transit; this is a natural trait of the specific tanning process, and can easily be dealt with by gently burnishing the item with a cloth. For motorcycle seats or any items that will get exposed to the elements, we recommend using a water resistant dressing such as Pecard's or Montana Pitch-Blend.

Is your shop open to the public?
Sorry, the shop is not open to the public. I am a one man operation and cannot accommodate visitors to the shop.